Vertical packaging machines

Vertical hose packaging machines are designed for packing goods into bags.

Machine type MH1bb MH1cb MH1db MH2bb MH2eb
Bag volume up to 2,5 L 5,0 L 15,0 L 2,5 L 70,0 L
Packing speed 75 bags/ minute 70 bags/ minute 50 bags/ minute 130 bags/ minute 40 bags/ minute

Machines exactly for you!

... thanks to our comprehensive range of packaging machines you can choose according to your requirements!


150 bag variations

... our machines allow to create up to 150 bag modifications.

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Aseptic solution

... stainless steel line version guarantees the quality of your product! 98.7% of used material constitutes stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for food industry.

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Remote access

... packaging machine enables remote access using a phone, tablet or computer!

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BIO packaging

... the possibility of a protective atmosphere during product packaging will ensure a long shelf life without preservation, which is important for the current trend of organic food.

neomezena variabilita stroju

Unlimited machine variability

... our machines allow integration with different types of fillers!

25 years of the packaging machines

We have been producing vertical hose packaging machines for over 25 years!

Proved principle

The design of vertical hose packaging machines is based on the traditional principle that we are constantly innovating.

New trends in your packaging process

The benefits of our machines will increase the efficiency of your packaging process!

remote factory service via the Internet or telephone line
integrated printer of statistics
electronic service
easy operation
continuous foil tension control
automatic film connection without stopping the machine
automatic washing and sanitation (CIP)
packing with protective atmosphere
flat perforating of foil
waterproof design
thermal (laminated foils) impulse sealing and thermal sealing
PC connection
integrated counting and sorting device
possibility of multiple fillers simultaneously

Technical parameters

Machine type Mh2bb Mh2cb Mh2db MH2bb MH2eb MH3
Dose volume do 2500 ml do 5000 ml do 15 l do 2500 ml do 70 l do 2500 ml
Output* do 75 bags/minute do 70 bags/minute do 50 bags/minute do 130 bags/minute do 40 bags/minute do 35 bags/minute
Bag length 80 - 320 mm 80 - 400 mm 100 - 460 mm 50 - 310 mm 200 - 1025 mm 80 - 310 mm
Bag width 65 - 206 mm 65 - 325 mm 65 - 350 mm 45 - 210 mm 270 - 500 mm 65 - 206 mm
Power supply 3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz 3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz 3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz 3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz 3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz 3 x 230 V/400 V - 50 Hz
Power 2,4 kW 4 kW 4 kW 3,2 kW   1,5 kW
Air pressure 0,6 - 0,8 MPa 0,6 - 0,8 MPa 0,6 - 0,8 MPa 0,6 - 0,8 MPa 0,6 - 0,8 MPa 0,6 - 0,8 MPa
Air consumption per 1 bag at 0,6 MPa 3,6 L 10 L 13 L 0,2 L 13 L 7,2 L
Hmotnost stroje 500 kg 800 kg 850 kg 550 kg 950 kg 450 kg
Machine weight H1470 x W1065 x L1415 H1700 x W1320 x L1520 H1720 x W1620 x L1610 H1460 x W1180 x L1610 H2200 x W1920 x L1960 H1430 x W1070 x L1490

* Performance is dependent on the dose, kind of dosed goods and capacity of used doser.

Machines description

Machine type Mh2bb Mh2cb Mh2db MH2bb MH2eb MH3
control system B&R/Siemens  
display of minute capacity
automatic state diagnostics
bags counter
setting of functions is provided by control panel
pneumatics Rexroth, Festo
shift foil at the hand of tension belts
machine is equipped with a mechanical-pneumatic drives
electronics resistant to short circuit, reversing of polarity and overloading
electric cover IP 44
the areas, which are in contact with product are made from stainless steel
all parts of the machine are protected by health-harmless surface treatment
PROFINET communication (Siemens control system)  
possibility to replace only touch screen digitizer at damaged display  

Machines advantages

Machine type Mh2bb Mh2cb Mh2db MH2bb MH2eb MH3
automatic check of essential parameters and error reports  
automatic check of essential parameters          
easy setting of functions on control panel
setting of bag length in mm or according to film print
film pull overdue for dusty articles
200 presets for saving of parameters for various film types and packaging methods  
abortion of machine after accomplishment of engaged number of bags
roll of bags quantity till abortion of operation  
roll of total cycles quantity
input unit for adjusted air    
safe quick change of tube and collar by the means of fast cramping
simplicity of design of the drive
control of fillers (except weighers) from machine control panel      
integrated control of discharge conveyor      
possibility of connection to PC, printer, ethernet  
exact automatic guiding of film over forming tube    
automatic film tension        
adjustment of pressure of pulling belts - pneumatically
program service via modem  
operating language according to your choice (standard 4 languages - Czech, German, English, Russian)  


Machine type Mh2bb Mh2cb Mh2db MH2bb MH2eb MH3
dosing weighers
friction/flap volumetric filler
auger filler
multihead weighers
liquid filler
belt volumetric filler
belt filler
belt conveyor
screw conveyors
discharge conveyors
equipment for bags folding  
distribution device for left and right side
photocell for centering of printing
filling with inert gas
device for measurement volume of residual oxygen
labelling device
compressor 20 - 36 m3/h    
compressor 15 - 30 m3/h          
compressor 9 m3/h          
date printing using markup device MZ4 MARK
ionization device


Machine type Mh2bb Mh2cb Mh2db MH2bb MH2eb MH3
combination of auger and volumetric filler
combination of dosing weighers and auger filler
easy shifting of fillers on one machine
packing of brittle and broken goods
packing of frozen goods