horizontal high volume packaging machine with pressing lz330

The machine is designed for pressing and packing of compressed goods in the sacks.

The required quantity of goods is then pressed and packaged.

The machine is suitable for the packing of blowed paper insulation, straw, hay, sawdust, wood shavings, PET bottles, waste.

Technical parameters

sack volume (liters) up to 80
output* (sacks/min.) up to 5
volume of weigh hopper (liters) 330
sack height (mm) 330
sack width 400
sack length up to 600
power supply 400V / 50Hz (N - PE, PEN)
power without filler (kW) 35
air pressure (MPa) 0,5 – 0,8 MPa
air consumption at 0,1 MPa (liters/sack) up to 140
noise (dB) up to 79
machine weight (kg) 3800
dimensions W x L x H (mm) 3800 x 8700 x 3150

* Output is dependent on sack size, kind of goods and capacity of used filler.


control system B&R
electronic dosing weigher
display of minute capacity
automatic state diagnostics
sacks counter
setting of functions is provided by control panel
pneumatics Festo
machine is equipped with a mechanical-pneumatic drives
electronics resistant to short circuit, reversing of polarity and overloading
electric cover IP 44
machine produces sack with a folded bottom and top


automatic check of essential parameters and error reports
easy setting of functions on control panel
20 presets for saving of parameters for various film types and packaging methods
abortion of machine after accomplishment of engaged number of bags
roll of bags quantity till abortion of operation
roll of total cycles quantity
entry air treatment unit
simplicity of design of the drive
control of doser from machine terminal
integrated control of discharge conveyor
possibility of connection to PC, printer, ethernet
program service via modem or GSM
operating language according to your choice


belt conveyor
screw conveyors
discharge conveyor
equipment for bags folding
labelling device
belt filler
date printing using markup device MZ4 Mark 1


areas which are in contact with the goods are made of stainless steel
all parts of the machine are protected health harmless surface treatment